• Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss causes communication breakdown that impacts quality of life.

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    Do I need hearing aids?

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  • Tinnitus

    You don’t have to live with ringing in your ears.

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    You Want the Best Sound…We Will Help You Find Your Sound.

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    Is your voice healthy?

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Hearing Aid Fitting

The results of your hearing test offer a window to the profile of your hearing and communication function.

Based on that profile, Dr. Heche designs a treatment plan is designed that best suits your needs in addressing your hearing loss and communication difficulties.

Hearing loss treatment can include multiple methods: from Aural Rehabilitation exercise to even Hearing Aids.

There are many styles and sizes of hearing aids. When choosing a hearing aid, Dr. Melissa Heche considers your hearing ability, work and home activities, physical limitations, medical conditions, and personal preference  to make a recommendation.

The wide range of technology and features available in each hearing aid style offers multiple benefit levels. With updated and advanced digital technology, hearing aids can  help to separate the speaker from background noise, improve on the ability to identify location of sound, and maintain the natural nature of speech patterns.


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