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A full tinnitus assessment starts with a complete audiological evaluation (CAE) followed by specific tinnitus testing that better identifies the type and magnitude of tinnitus.  A tinnitus evaluation is performed using a “whole” approach that addresses background, experiences, medical history, diet, allergies, level of activity, psychosomatic health and other factors that may contribute to the exacerbation of the sensation of a sound in the ears. Each variable is addressed and modified to best treat the tinnitus from all aspects that may contribute to its presence.

There are Treatments for Tinnitus!

Contrary to popular belief, there are treatments for tinnitus that can be longstanding and successful. The treatment can be lengthy, requires commitment and compliance outside of the therapy office. Treatment methods available include medications, vitamin therapy, masking, specific music therapy, dietary changes, behavioral changes and biofeedback.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is the term used for a precise and individual combination of sound therapy and teaching, demystification, and learning about tinnitus/hyperacusis mechanisms. The program is individualized  with directions about how to return to normal life without provoking symptoms.

TRT consists of fitting a tinnitus masking device. Often, when a person has a hearing loss as well as tinnitus, a hearing aid can also operate as a masking device.

Oftentimes other exercises and behavioral changes are used in conjunction with TRT to maximize success. Dr. Melissa E. Heche is specially trained in tinnitus retraining therapy and has extensive experience in tinnitus treatment. Contact us to find out how we can help your tinnitus.